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Noxcuses has teamed with Revolutions in Fitness physical therapy to promote and facilitate optimal health and wellbeing. Revolutions in Fitness is committed to helping their clients regain and maintain an active lifestyle as well as increase performance and decrease recovery time.

Revolutions in Fitness believes in a personal, integrated approach to healthy, active living.

Our experts help you accomplish your health and fitness goals, attain optimal levels of performance and heal or restore function after injury. Revolutions in Fitness professionals work with olympians, pro athletes to active people of all ages.


  • Physical therapy: Each 1 hour physical therapy service can get you moving quickly and successfully on the road to recovery. Depending on your needs, treatment may include manual therapy, active release technique, strength training, soft tissue and joint mobilization, sport specific rehabilitation, core stabilization and movement re-training.
    Price: $165
  • Bike Fitting: Our licensed sports medicine professionals provide a 2 hour bike and body measurement analysis using the latest technology. This Gebiomized pressure sensing system measures individual posture and biomechanics to evaluate postural positions while on your bike.
    Price: $175
    View more information on bike fitting
  • Running and Cycling efficiency analysis: This two hour service is a holistic evaluation of your cycling or running needs to improve comforts and performance.
    Price: $165
    View more information on efficiency analysis
  • Custom orthodics: Revolutionize your feet with our ground breaking foot alignment system. Learn what is best for your feet as our experts examine your foots alignment and customize a footbed  with esoles 3D Trucapture technology.
    Price: $295
    View more information on custom orthodics
  • Lecture series:  Join our quarterly informational series on the latest advances in the field of preventative health and wellness.
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To book today: call or email: Revolutions in Fitness front desk 650-260-4743


There is something for everyone at Noxcuses Fitness whether you are looking for fitness, private training, classes, food planning or mindful bodywork. We encourage you to challenge yourself with a new class or way of thinking about being active! We believe creating an overall health and fitness plan unique to you is the key to making exercise permanent in your life. Our most successful clients use a variety of services weekly. Enjoy a class, book your trainer and relax with a soft tissue treatment all in the same week!


Talk with a specialist to customize a personal fitness program plan fitted to your personality and goals. Contact Us to get started.


At Noxcuses Fitness, our comprehensive list of offerings reflects our strong belief in choice. Please review our menus thoughtfully to help you create a rewarding experience.

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